Where are you going to stay?


There is a lot going on this summer, but the decision is not where to go, or what to see, it’s really a question of where are you going to stay? You could opt for a hotel, but what if you don’t like the view from your window, or you’re unhappy with the service. You could vote to go glamping, but what if you dislike your neighbours, or the facilities? See what we mean, it really is a question of where are you going to stay?

If you own a caravan and motorhome then you’ve already worked out the solution to these quandaries, but if you don’t own either then Peter Roberts Caravans & Motorhomes is here to the rescue, because we offer a range of motorhomes for hire – “happy days” we hear you shriek with delight.

There are plenty of benefits to holidaying in a motorhome or a caravan; the first answers the quandary about staying in a hotel; if you don’t like the view then you can simply change it, and the second, well, you can’t really complain about the service because your partner would tell you off! The second question regarding glamping is also an easily one to answer: if you don’t like your neighbours you simply start your engine and choose another location.

There is also another big benefit to holidaying in a caravan or motorhome, which is that you’re not fixed to just one location, it can literally be like going on a cruise, you can make multiple stops within one holiday, allowing you to see more and do more – happy days!

We even make hiring a motorhome really easy, too. We offer a range of styles to meet party sizes and needs, and with some of our pet-friendly motorhome hires it means you can even includes bringing along your pooch.

Hiring a motorhome is also a good way to help you decide whether to buy a motorhome or not – you can literally try before you buy. Moreover, because we have a huge range of quality used and new caravans and motorhomes, we can help you decide if a caravan would be more your style – sometimes buying a quality used caravan is a great way to start you off onto the road of caravanning.

If holidaying in a caravan or a motorhome this summer appeals to you then call us on Tel: 01484 662774, or email us: info@peterrobertscaravans.co.uk – or how about visiting our showroom in Huddersfield to take a look around our range of used and new caravan and motorhomes, and our fleet of motorhomes for hire.