So you’ve decided to buy a touring caravan. Whether you choose brand new or used tourer, the most important thing to bear in mind is the layout inside. The many different caravan layouts available on the market today mean that there really is something for everyone out there. Read our blog for some top tips and ideas from Peter Roberts.

Once you’ve decided on the size, weight and type of caravan you’d like – it’s time to think about the internal layout. And, as with everything in the world of caravans, the options are almost endless! Do you want a fixed bed or do you mind making beds from various sofa cushions every evening? Are you a former caravanner keen on the idea of having a familiar rear lounge? Or are you looking for a family-friendly motorhome with plenty of space for the kids or grandkids to bunk up at night? Factors such as these will determine the type of caravan layout that’s right for you.

There are many layout options including the following :-

French Bed Layout A French bed is a fixed bed located at the rear of the caravan. This layout refers to a fixed double bed arranged lengthways against a side wall of the caravan. Most French Bed layouts share the rear space with a rear corner washroom.

Island Bed Layout If you want a permanent double bed, but you don’t like the access issues posed by a French bed? Then the island bed is the answer. An island bed is like your double at home, with access to the mattress on either side. Typical overall lengths are 7m or more but more compact designs do exist. The more modern caravans often have a split central washroom with washbasin in the middle and shower on one side and toilet on the other.  A transverse island bed means that the bed is situated across the caravan providing easy access to both sides and washroom.

Fixed Single Beds Another popular choice is the twin bed layout. Perhaps you have twin beds at home, or prefer to sleep apart in the summer heat, or you just want flexibility for use by different family members or friends. If any of this sounds like you then fixed single beds are the way forward. Good storage is usually available under the beds and in overhead lockers.

Front Lounge Layout If you are interested in a smaller, more compact caravan then the sleeping arrangements tend to involve the front parallel seats. The front lounge seats can vary in length and width but most can be used a single beds or can be make up into a decent size double bed. The only drawback with this layout is that you need to make up your bed everynight – but some people think this is all part of the fun of caravanning.

Dinette Layout Some caravans offer single or twin dinettes which enable you to dine and also sleep within this space. Side dinettes often have a privacy curtain so this area can be closed off at night. Rear dinettes can incorporate bunk beds too to offer flexibility for families of up to 6 people to sleep.

Fixed Bunks Layout A real family hit for those with young children or grandchildren. The fixed bunk layout usually includes the bunk beds at the rear of the caravan with the washroom located more centrally in the caravan. Fixed bunks often have a side dinette or table to make a ‘kids zone’ which can be closed at night. With such a wide range of layouts available on the market today there really is a caravan layout to suit everyone. If you are looking for more advice on caravan layouts then why don’t you contact one of our sales team on Tel 01484 662774 or email