Winterising your Caravan

As the temperatures are starting to drop and people are thinking about packing up their caravans for Winter, we thought we’d provide some top tips for winterising your caravan.

We have received lots of queries recently about what is the best way to winterise a caravan or motorhome and so we thought we’d share some of our knowledge & advice.

Our resident expert is Nigel Dyson, who has over 24 years’ experience in the motor trade and leisure servicing industry – read Nigel’s top tips here.

Nigel’s tops tips for Winterising your Caravan

As you prepare your caravan or motorhome for Winter read Nigel’s top tips for Winterising.


Winterise your Caravan


Empty toilet flush – remember to clean out toilet cassette thoroughly – you can add some Thetford maintenance spray to cassette seal and blade if required.

Drain water from fresh water & waste water systems – to avoid pipes bursting if temperature fall below zero.

Open all taps – help to prevent burst pipes and avoid damage to taps by opening all kitchen and bathroom taps.

Drain water heater – it is really important to drain all water out of heating systems – Truma heating sytems with combi-boilers usually have a yellow switch under bed. Alde systems require only the hot water boiler emptying.

Avoid condensation inside caravan – either place soft furnishing inside your house or move them into the centre of your caravan to allow circulation.

Open overhead lockers – remember to leave overhead lockers open to enable fresh air to get into lockers.

Open fridge door – clean out fridge & freezer completely and leave door ajar using fridge travel catch.

Winterising your Motorhome

Open cupboards – remove all food stuff – do not leave crumbs or dirt – allow air to circulate.

Check caravan wheels for cracks – tyres which are not moved for a length of time may crack or become damaged – maybe move caravan or remove tyres – check pressure before use.

Lift up all carpets/mats – this will help reduce any water ingress over the winter months.

Remove leisure battery – keep on trickle charge over winter.

Check alarm battery – make sure this doesn’t run out over winter – you may need to keep leisure battery on board to support this alarm battery.

Disconnect gas bottles – remove to avoid accidental leakage of gas through the system over winter.

Invest in moisture absorber bags – these are relatively cheap to buy or use bowls of salt/dehumidifier to help reduce moisture in the air.

Cover your caravan – now this is down to personal choice. Many people do choose to cover their caravans with breathable cover – my advice is that you do get what you pay for with covers and in some cases it is best to let the van breathe without a cover.

Here at Peter Roberts Caravans we do see the repercussions for those who do not fully winterise their caravans and motorhomes – these can often be quite expensive and inconvenient to resolve. We would recommend a regular annual service to keep up the warranty of your caravan or motorhomes. Winter months are often a good time to arrange this.

Hope to see you all soon. Nigel and the team at Peter Robert Caravans.