The Consumer Family Travel Survey estimates that young families average 2.2 holidays every year. One of the most popular options is the great family road trip by caravan. Caravan road trips have seen a healthy rise in demand recently as more young families embrace the beauty of exploring the country with their loved ones.

They are also great for keeping the costs down on family holidays, which is ideal for young families that are in the midst of raising a family. If you are new to caravan holidays, preparing for it with young kids in tow can seem daunting. From finding the perfect caravan layout to planning the best route for travel time and entertainment, here are a few handy tips to help you master the organisation aspect of your family’s first caravan trip.

Do Your Research On Caravan And Campsite Facilities

If you are going to head off on your first family caravan adventure, you’re going to need a caravan! For a used or older model, you can expect to spend as little as £2,000 while a new one can cost as much as £26,000. Also, you need to account for caravan insurance and annual servicing costs. The initial purchase costs can rise quickly, so it is always a good idea to do your research beforehand so you choose the perfect caravan — one that is reliable and perfect for your road trip needs.

Be sure to include the different campsite specifications around the UK in your research. Each campsite will have different amenities so you will want to consider your family’s needs when booking one. As a starting rule, look for campsites that offer shower and toilet blocks along with charging ports. A bonus for those with young kids is proximity to entertainment facilities such as football pitches, biking trails or closeness to entertainment parks like Butlins. The security of the campsite should also be a factor on your list. Some parks may not provide on-site security or may not be child-friendly for lodging. An alternative for young families is to do day trips with the caravan and choosing baby-friendly accommodations for the nights.

Pack The Family Bikes

One of the most cited perks of a caravan holiday is undeniably the low costs. A road trip with a caravan is a great way to provide adventure, excitement, and thrill for the entire family without the expensive price tag of flights or hotel rooms. In that spirit, don’t forget to pack bikes for exploration activities.

Many campsites are spacious and include bike trails, making it the perfect low-cost fun activity for kids and the entire family. You can also pack a football or board games to keep things interesting. However, keep in mind the weight and space restrictions of your caravan model when you do.

Get Comfortable With The Driving Rules For Caravans

If you will be towing a caravan or trailer over the weight of 750kg, you may need to get yourself a B+E entitlement license which you can easily verify on the DVLA website. You will also need to know the height and width of your caravan to help you prepare for a safe journey. Any caravan attached with a weight over 750 kg needs to have a working brake while the use of stabilisers can help you avoid snaking. There are also driver tips you need to be aware of if you are driving with a caravan for your road trip, including allowing more time and space for turnings and remembering to pack a caravan essential kit that includes basics such as jack, battery chargers, and a corner steady tool.

Lastly, don’t forget to secure caravan insurance (including content insurance) on your new caravan before you set off on your first family road trip. Spending a few minutes organising these things now means you can relax and enjoy creating memories with your family as you take to the roads together.

Article written for Peter Roberts Caravans & Motorhomes by:
Jane McDonald – Freelance Writer