If you are looking to purchase a used caravan then our ‘top 10 tips for buying a used caravan’ will help you make the right choice.

Over the years we have helped thousands of customers to buy their first caravan, plus as enthusiastic caravaners ourselves, we understand how buying the right caravan can lead to years of exciting holidays.

Although there are a few considerations, our top 10 tips will help guide you through the decision process.

  1. Check the caravan’s CRIS number – this is a unique serial number that identifies your caravan.
  2. Get a damp or ‘water ingress’ check – if you are not sure how or where your caravan has been stored previously pay for one of these – much cheaper than full service.
  3. Consider buying a motor mover – either new or used these devices can be a real aid to manoeuvring your van.
  4. Order a new mattress – if in doubt over hygiene, or just to please the Mrs, order a replacement mattress direct from the manufacturer or supplier.
  5. Be prepared to wait for spare parts – caravan manufacturers can often take 6-12 weeks to supply spare parts/warranty parts.
  6. Look at the internal layout – which layout suits your needs best – is it fixed beds, an end washroom or large living area that’s more important to you.
  7. Can your vehicle tow the caravan safety – avoid the dreaded snake on the motorway with the right weight allocation/distribution.
  8. Join the National Camping and Caravanning Club or visit their website for even more top tips and ideas
  9. Look at service history – vital for maintaining manufacturer’s warranty, also provides historic reference for annual service checks.
  10. Enjoy the outdoors – its stated that spending time camping and caravanning really does make us feel better, so enjoy the great outdoors and your new used caravan as much as you can.

For more information on buying a used caravan pop down to our Huddersfield showroom and take a tour of our wide range of caravans on offer; our friendly staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have and help to make the right decision. Call us on T. 01484 662774 or email sales@peterrobertscaravans.co.uk for more information.