Why we think caravanning is better than camping!


There is a lot to be said about owning a caravan, comfort for one thing, but also flexibility. If you own a caravan you can escape the rat race every weekend if you want to. You don’t have to think about the weather, which is a key factor if you want to go camping – lets face it, who wants to be stuck in a tent all weekend when its raining!

A typical camping scenario:

It’s Friday and you have finished work for the weekend, you’ve got home and packed everything into the car – including the kitchen sink because you’re not sure what facilities there are at the campsite. You then set off – but of course you get caught in traffic, so after a while you finally arrive at the campsite. It’s raining heavily, so you decide to wait it out in the car with the family, but its been an hour and the rain still hasn’t disappeared. After much arguing in the car, which by this time, has steamed up windows, you decide to brave it and put the tent up anyway. You start emptying the car boot because you stupidly put the tent in first, so everything is now sat on the wet grass while you drag the tent bag out. The wife and the kids are still sitting in the car, refusing to get out because they told you it was going to rain over the weekend. Instead they just stare at you from the car while you’re getting soaked to the bone putting the tent up in the rain. The kit you brought with you is now sitting on the grass getting wet too. Finally, after an hour the tent is up and you and the family are now sitting in the tent listening to the rain whack the tent from every direction. At this point you’re trying to think of how to dry your clothes and where to get a hot cup of tea from.

A typical caravanning scenario:

It’s Friday and you have finished work for the weekend, you’ve got home, hooked up the caravan to the car and you set off. It’s Friday so there is traffic but you have planned for this – after all it’s not your first rodeo – you’ve done this countless times before. You arrive at the caravan site, park up and put the kettle on before heading off to enjoy your weekend break, trying your best not to laugh smugly at the family stuck in the tent.

See the difference?

Caravans give you a home from home, a place where you can rest comfortably after an exciting day out and about, no matter what the weather; you can even stick the telly on while waiting for the oven to roast the chicken.

Ultimately, caravanning allows you to enjoy the great outdoors in comfort, as and when you like. And although we know plenty of people who enjoy camping, none of us at Peter Roberts Caravans & Motorhomes would swap our comfy caravan beds for a nylon sheet and a blow-up mattress.

Plus, with so many places to visit throughout 2018, we think caravanning would not only help you enjoy the great outdoors more, but would also help you enjoy many more interesting places, such as those listed in the ‘100 Things to do in England’ article published by The RV Lifestyle.

If you want to enjoy the outdoors in comfort, then visit our website or take a trip to our Huddersfield showroom and look at our range of new and great value used caravans for sale, as well as our range of new and used motorhomes. You can even try-before-you buy and hire a motorhome.