According to a recent report by The National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service (NaVCIS), the number of leisure vehicle thefts fell in 2018 but incidents at storage facilities and dealerships are on the rise.  Read our article about keeping your motorhome and caravan secure and safe.

Security should always be a main priority in the ownership of a caravan and motorhome. Factors including where your vehicle is stored can also affect its vulnerability. Many caravanners use wheel clamps, immobilisers, alarms and hitch locks to reduce risk of theft and lower insurance premiums.

Modern caravans supplied from NCC member manufacturers will, of course, benefit from being CRiS registered. Also motorhomes or caravans fitted with Thatcham approved alarms and trackers provide extra peace of mind for owners and make them more difficult for thieves.

Top tips to keep your motorhome and caravan secure

  • Store your vehicle behind secure barriers where possible.
  • Keep areas well lit e.g. with security lights & CCTV.
  • Use a Cassoa storage facility
  • Take out interior cushions & furnishings – less attractive to thieves
  • Fit additional security products such as Tracker, Alarm, Wheel clamps etc
  • Do not leave keys in an accessible place.
  • Make sure that documents (CRiS or other Registration documents) are kept safely away from the actual property.
  • Keep a photographic record and try to include serial numbers (be extra careful where you store the photos).
  • Visit and put in the postcode for your business area. This will show what type of crimes have been reported locally.
  • Check the conditions of your insurance policy – make sure you meet these requirements.

Peter Robert Caravans and Motorhomes supply and fit Phantom Alarms and Trackers including iTrack Plus, Vanguard Alarm, Sentinel Alarm and Tracking System with prices starting from £349. The AL-KO Secure Wheel lock, wheel clamps and hitchlocks have proven to be a superb caravan security device . We are also able to supply and fit Fiamma Door Security products.

The National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service (NaVCIS) is a national police agency supported by private sector funding that tackles fraud-related vehicle crime. Its dedicated leisure vehicle team works with industry partners, sharing data and analysis, to protect and prevent the theft of caravans and mobile homes. Read their full report here