Every time we [Peter Roberts Caravans & Motorhomes] receive feedback from our valued customers we always like to share it with everyone. Not only is it very important to us, but also, because we think if a customer goes to the trouble of providing feedback then it’s only right that we acknowledge our appreciation; plus, it doesn’t hurt to show off once and a while.

However, when a customer gets creative with their feedback, in this case in the style of a poem, well, we can’t resist showing it off to everyone.

So, sit back, get comfy and enjoy this inspired piece of poetic brilliance from the wonderful Anne and Dan.


Whenever the wind blows chillfull or midges start to bite there’s ever the pull of the open road and the lure of a better site.

 They tell of a chap from Honley, who’ll fix your van just right, he’s kind and friendly and reliable – a caravanner’s delight.

 With the great van club the members do proclaim with Jane, Andrew and staff, Peter Roberts is his name.

 How grateful we are to his firm since 1998; how thankful we are for help and skill – his service is first rate.

 So, thank you lads and lasses, it’s a pleasure to deal with you, enjoy your open weekend with friends who are old and new.


If you want us to help you wax lyrical then pop along to our Huddersfield showroom and be inspired by our range of pre-loved and new motorhomes and caravans.

You never know, it could be your feedback that we are showing off next!