Thinking of selling your caravan or motorhome?


Owning a caravan offers a number of benefits, freedom and enjoyment being just two of them. In fact I can’t recall ever seeing someone who owns a caravan who didn’t have a smile on his or her face.

There is however, one thing to put an even bigger smile on the face of a caravan owner, and that‘s treating himself or herself to new caravan. Yep, most of us have experienced that new car smell, but only a select few get to experience that new caravan smell.

But what if you already own a caravan or motorhome? Well you’re in luck because not only do we sell a range of caravans, we also buy used caravans and motorhomes, too, covering many of the most popular brands, including Lunar, Bailey, Elddis, Compass, Swift and Coachman.

We provide a quick and hassle-free buying process and offer the best prices. You will be given no-obligation valuation, as well as expert advice. We will even pick-up your caravan for free if required.

A key benefit of selling your caravan directly to us instead of selling it privately is it removes the cost and more often than not, the hassle of advertising your caravan for sale privately. If you have ever tried to sell your caravan or motorhome privately then you will understand what we mean.

So, if you are interested in purchasing a new caravan, or you are just looking to sell your caravan or motorhome, then request your free, no-obligation valuation from us.