Reasons why…


There are many reasons why we think you should buy a touring caravan; they give you the freedom to travel without accommodation restrictions, such as hotel room availability, or late booking fees, and they let you holiday how you want to, so if you want to stay in bed you can, if you want to have a BBQ breakfast then you can; if you want to sit outside with a glass of wine, or a nice cup of tea while watching the sunset, then you can.

Also, owning a touring caravan means you can go on lots of mini breaks or holidays. Imagine you get home on a Friday after a really difficult week at work, when the thought of escaping to the coast or the Lakes for the weekend comes into your head. But this time you own a caravan, so you don’t have to Google: ‘Available hotel rooms for four, or six.’ Nope, instead, you shout from the top of your lungs to everyone in the house – even those with their faces glued to their phones: “Pack a bag, we’re off to the coast for the weekend.” And within the hour you’re off, heading to wherever it is you want to go.

Did we mention owning a caravan gives you freedom?

Also, it’s worth pointing out that you don’t have to purchase a new caravan to enjoy this freedom; you can pick from a wide range of used caravans that appeal to both your needs.

The fact is, owning a caravan gives you the flexibility and the freedom to enjoy as many mini-breaks as you can fit into a year. There’s also another reason why owning a caravan is such a great idea, because with a touring caravan there’s a closeness that you don’t really get with other types of mini-breaks or holidays. You can still get the same level of comfort, because we’ve never heard of anyone moaning about slumming it in a caravan; although there was that hilarious episode of Father Ted; but with a caravan holiday you are all together – enjoying the sites and day-to-day experiences you may not always get with other types of holidays. You ask anyone who already owns a caravan and they will tell you.

Memories are another reason why you should own a touring caravan. You may be able to recall fond memories when your parents used to take you off on caravan holiday in the summer. Imagine being able to share those experiences with your children.

Some people are put off by owning a caravan, but there is plenty of help and advice available; why not give us a call, we’re always happy to help. But organisations like The Camping and Caravanning Club have lots of tips and advice.

You are also very welcome to visit our showroom to have a look around our collection of new and used caravans that are for sale. But be warned, the moment you take a look inside one of our touring caravans you may feel the need to buy one – they have that effect on people!

If you’re thinking about buying a caravan, then let us help guide you through the range of new and used caravans that are on offer.