Peter Roberts sees growth in number of people looking to sell their caravans and motorhomes.


Through it’s website, Peter Roberts Caravans & Motorhomes is witnessing an increase in the number of enquiries from people looking to sell their caravan and motorhomes. The company has also confirmed it is experiencing an increase in the number of people looking to trade-in their old caravans and motorhomes for newer models, including the dealerships range of Roller Team motorhomes, and its new 2018 Lunar Venus caravan range.

The specialist website: offers caravan and motorhome owners a fast, hassle-free selling experience, with visitors to the site being able to request a no obligation quote.

A spokesperson from Peter Roberts Caravans & Motorhomes stated: “People looking to sell their caravans or motorhomes don’t want the stress, and sometimes financial commitment often associated with selling their caravan or motorhome privately. We offer a quick, friendly and hassle-free experience, with the added attraction of instant cash on most models.

Other benefits include not having to deal with private buyers wanting to make numerous visits to view the caravan or motorhome. Peter Roberts Caravans & Motorhomes also arrange free collection.

An estimated 750,000 caravans are owned in the UK, with a further 50,000 new purchases within the next five years being predicted by The Centre for Economic and Business Research. Peter Roberts Caravans & Motorhomes estimates the current enquiry level through its website is just a small drop in the ocean compared to the level of enquiries expected over the coming few years.

If you are considering selling your caravan or motorhome, visit and obtain a free, no obligation quote today.