Peter Roberts Caravans and Motorhomes - Open Weekend 27th - 28th January

Huddersfield-based caravan and motorhome specialist, Peter Roberts, has announced it is to hold its first Open Weekend of 2018.

The Open Weekend, which is taking place on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th January promises to be a big attraction with plenty of activities taking place for the whole family. Visitors will get the chance to enter prize draws, take advantage of exclusive offers, as well as enjoying refreshments throughout the day. Read more

Peter Roberts Caravans & Motorhomes

Hudder­­sfield-based Peter Roberts Caravans & Motorhomes Limited has supplied Netherthong Primary School with new polo shirts.

Martin Clayton, a teacher from Netherthong Primary School states: ‘Peter’s generosity means that we can now send our children to sporting events, happy in the knowledge that they are representing the school in the manner to which we expect.’

The Holmfirth primary school has over 215 children and Peter Roberts Caravans & Motorhomes generosity means every child can now proudly represent their school at upcoming sporting events.

Peter Roberts states: ‘It’s important for businesses to support their local community when and where possible. This sponsorship arrangement is a great opportunity for us to pass on some of our success to help the children achieve theirs.’

‘Without the support of companies such as Peter Roberts Caravans & Motorhomes we would be unable to offer opportunities like this, as our budgets continue to shrink and we are forced into making difficult decisions,’ added Mr Clayton.

The sponsorship agreement with Peter Roberts Caravans & Motorhomes means every child at the Holmfirth primary school will get a new polo shirt and that the school’s future sporting successes can be enjoyed by the school, its pupils and everyone at Peter Roberts Caravans & Motorhomes.

Peter Roberts Caravans & Motorhomes - New Motorhomes

Peter Roberts Caravans & Motorhomes has taken another leap forward in its business growth by becoming the new dealer for Italian owned Roller Team Motorhomes, which is part of the Trigano Group, Europe’s leading manufacturer of leisure vehicles.

By becoming a Roller Team Motorhome dealer, the Huddersfield-based caravans and motorhomes specialist is on track to expand its dealership, which currently employs 16 people at its Honley showroom.

Under the agreement, Peter Roberts Caravans & Motorhomes will be selling 12 Roller Team Motorhomes across the Zefiro, Auto Roller, T-Line and Pegaso ranges.

Peter Roberts, states: ‘This is an exciting time for our business, the Roller Team motorhome range is one of the most sort-after brands. Their passion for quality and their range of designs fits our own business ethos perfectly.”

To help celebrate the new partnership, Peter Roberts Caravans & Motorhomes is launching a Try-Before-You-Buy programme, enabling motorhomes enthusiasts to see for themselves just how impressive the Roller Team motorhomes range is.

‘So take the hassle out of holidays for next year – don’t fly just rent or buy’.

To book your Try-Before-You-Buy, contact Peter Roberts Caravans & Motorhomes on Tel: 01484 662774 or email:

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There are many reasons why we think you should buy a touring caravan; they give you the freedom to travel without accommodation restrictions, such as hotel room availability, or late booking fees, and they let you holiday how you want to, so if you want to stay in bed you can, if you want to have a BBQ breakfast then you can; if you want to sit outside with a glass of wine, or a nice cup of tea while watching the sunset, then you can. Read more


Owning a caravan offers a number of benefits, freedom and enjoyment being just two of them. In fact I can’t recall ever seeing someone who owns a caravan who didn’t have a smile on his or her face.

There is however, one thing to put an even bigger smile on the face of a caravan owner, and that‘s treating himself or herself to new caravan. Yep, most of us have experienced that new car smell, but only a select few get to experience that new caravan smell. Read more


When you ask people why they enjoyed their sea cruise, a lot will say it’s the adventure; the adventure you get when you call at a new destination each day – It’s like having lots of little breaks within one holiday. This is the same advantage being enjoyed by a growing number of people across the UK who choose to take a road cruise, because it’s just like an adventure – you get to enjoy different destinations throughout your holiday.

A road cruise holiday is also a great way to enjoy the beautiful UK countryside; and with there being so many places to visit the best way to travel is by motorhome or by car with your caravan in tow, purely because of the freedom you get – you can literately wake up in a new place every day – especially great if you’re planning on touring the highlands of Scotland, the Welsh valleys or the coastal havens scattered throughout the UK. Here’s a thought, why don’t you consider touring France – Brittany can be stunning from April to August. Read more

Caravan Winter preparation

Brrrr, winter has arrived so now is the time to make sure your caravan is ready for the colder months ahead.

As an Approved Workshop, we are experts in caravans and have some handy tips and advice to ensure your caravan is safe and will remain in tip top condition, ready for your next adventure:

Planning Ahead:

First things first, where are you planning to park your caravan for the next few months? It needs to be a secure location – if it’s not on your own property (where we suggest you install a post or gate), we recommend using a member of the Caravan Storage Site Owner’s Association. When covering the caravan, use breathable material so that moss and mould doesn’t grow due to condensation. Try not to leave it where it is exposed to leaves and sap.

Exterior preparations:

You need to ensure the outside of the caravan is safeguarded against the bitter weather and potential thieves.

  • Give your caravan a good clean using products appropriate for the bodywork and windows, which offer a layer of protection
  • Check the seals of all the windows and replace any that look loose or have come away. Also, check for any cracks or chips and have these seen too before they become a bigger problem
  • To prevent water filters from freezing, remove them to reduce damage
  • When it comes to the wheels, you’ll need to check these every few weeks and to turn them to prevent flat spots. Place the caravan on a level surface, lower the corner steadies and wedge the wheels. Top tip: leave the handbrake off
  • Clean the awning with proper products to remove as many marks and stains as possible. Store in a dry place. We recommend checking on this while it’s in storage
  • We always recommend keeping an eye on the battery. If it’s not connected to a security system, remove and store in a dry place and regularly top up charge levels. We also suggest removing batteries from internal devices such as smoke alarms – make sure you refit these and check they’re in working condition on your next outing
  • Coat your towing electrics with water resistant solutions

Interior preparation:

  • Remove anything valuable or that you don’t want to risk leaving in your van
  • Remove soft furnishings and place somewhere dry – particularly cushions which are expensive to replace
  • Empty the fridge, clean and leave open
  • Give your caravan a good winter clean
  • Fully retract blinds and fly screens to avoid damage to the springs
  • Remove all gas cylinders and store in a cool, ventilated place
  • Flush and empty the toilet tank and open the taps including the shower control and put the lever tap in the centre of hot and cold. It’s worth considering a floe system flush to completely drain the pipework. Plug up your sinks and shower tray. Also, drain the water heater (read instructions for this)
  • Uncover the vents to allow air to circulate

As a family run business, Peter Robert’s Caravans ethos is about you – our very valued customer. We’re passionate about this industry and the caravanning and camping community. We believe it’s a lifestyle, not just a holiday and so we constantly strive to improve our services and help you make the most of it. If you want further help and advice on the above, we are here to help.

Peter Robert’s Caravans is based in Honley, Huddersfield where you can browse our new and used range. We also buy caravans for cash.

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